Sketching Men : How to Draw Lifelike Male Figures, A Complete Course for Beginners by Koichi Hagawa

Adolescenti (13+)
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In Sketching Men, veteran art instructor Koichi Hagawa, PhD explains how to quickly capture the dynamic male form through two distinct styles of sketching: Very rapid (1-3 minute) line drawings that capture the essence of the subject's posture and movement-perfect for recording athletic action poses in the moment. More finished tonal drawings, which take a bit longer to render (7-10 minutes), but fill in lots of interesting texture and wonderfully realistic details and nuances, including the play of light and shadow, three-dimensional form and a sense of mass and balance.

Learn to sketch the following:

*Individual body parts and their bones and muscles

*Objects held in the hands and with both arms

*Standing and sitting poses

*Transitions from prone and sitting poses to a standing pose

*Bending, reaching and leaning poses

*Pushing, throwing and dancing poses

*Folds, gathers and drape of clothing

This book contains hundreds of detailed studies and helpful examples. Your sketches will improve rapidly as you learn all about how human anatomy-the skeleton, muscles and posture-all come together to express the uniquely male form. When you hone your line and tonal drawing skills with this book, all of your artwork will improve as a result, no matter the application: storyboarding, cartooning and graphic novels, illustration, formal drawings, painting and more!

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